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Look what came in the mail!

So I went to the resource center..turns out they had it all this time and they just didn’t sent me an email smh

A package! From Viv!



upon closer inspection….


why yes. That is a dick on a face keychain.

Thank you so much Viv! Haha your letter was lovely! And I like your little note the small baggie. XD Currently noming on the chocolate right now. I love you!!! This was such a nice surprise to come home to! Hope to do it again soon hehe

  1. pragmatique replied:
  2. thebeautyofsolitude said: so jealous ;~; WHERE IS MY PACKAGEEEEEE ;~; I haven’t got them as well *sobs*
  3. gershons said: loved the keychain
  4. imyourtrouble said: vivs handwriting looks a bit like a font… also nice dick.
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